Fevo membership is simplistic and flexible to meet the needs of our clients.

Fevo have a number of offerings to suit our client's goals and objectives.

From gym membership to AM & PM bootcamps to classes only Fevo have a fitness solution for everyone. 

Premium Monthly Gym Membership

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Per Month
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Monthly Gym Membership

Per Month
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Lift Move & Sweat Bootcamp + Monthly Gym Membership

Per Month
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FEVO Evolution AM Bootcamp (5 Week camp - 15 Sessions)

Per Month
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FEVO Evening Bootcamp + Monthly Gym Membership

Per Month
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FEVO Gym Day Pass


Fevo Gym membership is limited to a set amount of members. All of our instructors are qualified as Level 3 Personal Trainers or above. Fevo Gym provide a full gym induction into our fitness facility and each and every client we work with has the opportunity to undergo individual program design to accompany our daily workouts with the option to add personal training into your routine. 


Our mission is to offer a high level of customer service, focus on the attention to detail and keep adding value into our client's health and wellbeing. 

Fevo specialise in personal training and group exercise. 


To apply for a membership at FEVO please click the link provided below.

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Classes are charged at £10 per class as a one off purchase.

Class courses are offered and priced individually depending on the class and length of course. 


Example Fevo FLEX is charged at £28 (£7 per session) on a monthly Direct Debit 

Fevo Classes are limited to 12 people per class and all class course bookings are paid in advance. 


Full Fevo Terms and Conditions Apply. 


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FEVO Classes - Individual

FEVO Classes - Individual

Per Class
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FEVO Classes - Courses




40 minutes high intensity circuit split over 4 mini ‘banks’ that offer 4 different exercises. 40 seconds on each exercise with 20 seconds rest, once one whole bank is complete move on until you complete all 4 banks. That will get you half way through the circuit before we go again! 

Probably one of our highest calorie burners! This class is fast paced, intense and full of lots of action packed fun from start to finish.

350-450 Reported calorie range. 

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40 minutes circuit training from traditional style circuits to team ‘mini circuits’ We include strength exercises, functional movements and focus on core activation. 

This class is a great way for people to get started, experience our fitness facility and build on interacting with people and growing in confidence. 

270-350 Reported calorie range.

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40 minutes to ‘Flex’. Our 40 minutes weights circuits is split over 8 variable exercises. 4 push movements and 4 pull movements incorporating upper and lower body with the use of barbells and dumbbells. 

This class is great for muscle hypertrophy and improving your posture.

250-350 Reported Calorie range.  

Personal Training

As a private fitness facility Fevo host a number of individual personal trainers who operate their own individual practices of personal training and group exercise offerings. 


Fevo host PTs and coaches that specialise in:


Body Transformation 

Strength & Conditioning 

"Average Joes" 

Semi private 3:1 2:1 Personal training options 



Please click the link and check out our full range or mens and Ladies super-cool Men's and Ladies' Fevo Gym attire. 


All merchandise can be personalised and make great gifts for fellow fitness enthusiasts. 

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Fevo Gym 
Training Tee
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